Confidence is the key

Self doubt kills more dreams than anything.

Confidence is allusive and a skill that must be learnt and reinforced.

Confidence is like a suit of armour, it takes years to build up and sometimes the armour gets knocked around a little, momentarily losing its strength.

Going into something with a positive mindset can help build a strong foundation and believing that a goal can be achieved is the beginning of success.

The number 1 goal for many is fat loss, and it is something that a lot of people find hard to achieve.

Yo yo dieting and quick fix diets can lower confidence in ever fulfilling, long lasting fat loss results. Why?

Fat loss that is achieved by strict, restrictive dieting can be accomplished but not sustained. The cycle creates self doubt and a distorted view about food and exercise producing a vicious circle.

The low carbohydrate diet culture has made people paranoid around carbohydrates, believing that a slice of bread will put fat on them. It is not the bread, but the amount of bread that makes people fat.

Losing confidence around food and exercise plagues the population and the diet industry earns a lot of money from the general public’s frustrations and lack of knowledge (through no fault of their own)

Would you like to build your confidence around food again?

Ascends mission is to help people achieve long lasting fat loss and the knowledge to sustain a healthier lifestyle.

Each member is empowered and their confidence mended, to build a stronger and more resilient suit of armour.

The trainers at Ascend have a wealth of genuine knowledge and can help you get where you want to be.

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